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A Message from our Leaders

Jim Murren Alexis M. Herman

Jim Murren
Chairman and CEO

Alexis M. Herman
Chair, Diversity

We are pleased to report continued momentum for MGM Resorts International’s diversity initiative. Every benchmark by which we evaluate our diversity gains showed upward momentum – among our employment ranks, our suppliers and construction providers, our marketing and advertising campaigns to emerging customer markets, our community contributions and our partnerships with local, state and national organizations.

We continued to fine tune our diversity infrastructure – our business planning process; our programs; and our data systems and measurement tools. The more we do, the more we appreciate the complexities we still have to overcome, but we are pleased with our steady strides in making diversity a key component of our business methods and practices.

However, the ultimate legacy of our Diversity Initiative will be its lasting impact on our workplace. From the outset of this initiative, we have taken a holistic approach, stressing its meaning and place in our Company’s belief system more than rote numbers counting and percentage calculations. From our perspective, the basic principles of universal respect for people, inclusion and appreciation of the contribution of every individual are not only bedrock moral precepts, but are the key to unlocking our individual and collective potential to improve and excel. This makes particular sense for our business, which is so fundamentally based on human relationships.

At MGM Resorts International, diversity has enabled us to learn and benefit from the many disciplines, life experiences and wisdom of the many thousands of our employees. As innovators, we constantly seek new ways to use our blended talents to maximize our productivity and creativity, and with that the value of our business to our customers, our employees, our communities, and our shareholders. Diversity is a catalyst for powerful new synergies that will yield new ideas, new strategies and new paradigms in our constantly changing world.

As much as our diversity philosophy anchors our business today, it is vital to the evolution of our Company for tomorrow. We have adopted an aggressive strategy of growth for our Company – by our own forces and with new business partners. We are evolving through continuous improvement of our existing resorts and extension of our brands and operations into new domestic and international markets. As our Company becomes a global enterprise, we must embrace the world in broader ways than ever before. Our diversity philosophy is essential to this bold future.

The results presented in our latest Diversity Report are impressive by any standard. Please join us in recognizing the diligence and dedication of all of our team members whose combined efforts made our achievements possible.

As we continue our pursuit of excellence in all that we do, we strive, we persevere, we advance, we achieve, and we remain united through diversity!

Jim Murren, Chairman & CEO
Alexis M. Herman, Chair Diversity Committee